Cairo Half-Day Tour to Dahshur Pyramids

Discover The most important archeological sites in Egypt, which include the most important archaeological treasures, where more than one archaeological find of gold has been found in its pyramids and tombs. With this Cairo Half-Day Tour to Dahshur Pyramids, that dates back to the pre-dynastic period and the early 4th Dynasty with this Dahshur Day Tours from Cairo.

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Dahshur is the southernmost region of the Memphis necropolis and contains a number of hierarchical groups and monuments. It has been a necropolis since the Fourth Dynasty, in which King Senefru built two of his three pyramids, namely the Red Pyramid, which was the first complete pyramid in Egypt, the Bent Pyramid which got its name for being slightly bent in the middle. In the Middle Kingdom, some of the kings of the Twelfth Dynasty, Amenemhat II, Senusert III, and Amenemhat III built their pyramids thereAmenemhat III had built the Black Pyramid . Learn more with this Cairo Half-Day Tour to Dahshur Pyramids, that dates back to the pre-dynastic period and the early 4th Dynasty during the Old Kingdom of Egypt History, with this Dahshur Day Tours from Cairo.


Start your amazing Cairo Day Tours with Cairo Top Tours when our representative meets you anywhere in Cairo or Giza to be transferred by a private deluxe vehicle to the area known as Dahshur Necropolis, On a march of about ten kilometers south of Saqqara lies the Dahshur region, where we head along the agricultural road paved and parallel to the plateau, where we enjoy seeing the beautiful palm plantations, green lands and the purity of the wonderful atmosphere - we find the Sanfru pyramids built of stone rising high above the desert in the desert. some 35 km far from the heart of Cairo to witness the grandeur of the early Pyramids of Egypt built by King Snefru, the father of (Khufu), who ruled Egypt for more than twenty-four years (2561-2538 BC). It is known from this king that he sent a navy fleet of forty ships to Lebanon to bring cedarwood and many of these woods are still in good condition inside Its pyramid, known as the Bent Pyramid, is also famous for its campaign that is sent to the south to restore security and stability to the southern borders of Egypt,  was the owner of the only remaining wonder of the seven ancient wonders of the world at Giza Necropolis, the Great Pyramid of Cheops. King Snefru was buried in Dahshur in one of his three Pyramids there, the Red Pyramid, which is the third pyramid in size after the Pyramids of Cheops, and Chephren. and Meidum Step Pyramid which was his first attempt for building a tomb for himself, the Bent Pyramid at Dahshur which is a great example of the transitional stage between building stepped pyramids (mastabas) and the perfect-shaped triangular pyramids. You will be transferred back to your hotel after you finish your Cairo Half-Day Tour to Dahshur Pyramids from Cairo.

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